Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Antibiotic resistance: Prioritising the patient

Report from the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership
Meeting held 13th January 2015, Royal Society for Public Health, London, UK


  • Antibiotic resistance continues to be an escalating global health threat
  • The current media coverage and drive to increase awareness offers an opportunity to further instigate behavioural change at a government policy level, and through to grass roots initiatives
  • The recent discoveries in the field of antibiotics will hopefully provide us with alternatives in the future; however, antibiotic stewardship must become the norm
  • Throughout 2014, GRIP accelerated their efforts in the fight against AMR through both global and local activations
  • Future GRIP initiatives will have to contend with the complexity of country contexts in terms of the challenges and barriers they are facing. Countries will need to join forces to combat the scale of the issue and drive real change
  • Patient education should be the focus of 2015 initiatives – either by producing materials that target them directly, or by developing pharmacy materials that can be used during patient consultations