Videos from the Meeting

Videos from the Meeting

Bob video

This is a patient education video developed with the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (GRIP) which aims to engage with patients suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection and describe how effective symptomatic relief provides a more appropriate and usually more effective treatment than antibiotics.

GRIP Summit Highlights 2014

The Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (GRIP) summit 2014, united experts from around the world with the aim to facilitate appropriate antibiotic prescription and symptomatic management of upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). This video delves into the goals of the GRIP and the delegates’ thoughts on the event.

More Action - Less Resistance

GRIP serves to promote correct antibiotic usage and advice on effective symptomatic relief treatments for upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). This video involves many attendees of the GRIP Summit 2014 committing their pledge to delivering more action in reducing the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

GRIP Summit 2014 Debate

During the GRIP Summit 2014, an interactive debate session took place—involving the GRIP and members of the audience—which looked into the paradigm shift needed to change behaviour on antibiotic use globally. The debate was focused on the GRIP’s global 5P framework and discussed which P was the most important in order to maximise change: Policy, Prevention, Patient, Pharmacy and Prescriber.