Dr Aurelio Sessa (Italy)

High levels of antibiotic consumption remains an issue in Italy, said Dr Sessa. A report published in July this year indicated a slight but continuous decrease in the use of antibiotics. However, there are important regional differences with markedly higher antibiotic consumption in southern Italy.

The objective of the Italian National Plan against AMR is
a 10% reduction in the of use antibiotics in the community, a 5% reduction in hospital patients, and a 30% reduction in animals in the space of three years

Dr Aurelio Sessa

In November 2017, a prominent financial newspaper in Italy published a booklet about AMR, titled “An Ongoing Emergency”, which explained the relevance of the problem to the public and also the associated economic burden. It was made available to all medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and biologists.

In addition, Italy continues to run an AMR awareness campaign every October that involves a huge diversity of media channels.
This includes all principle newspapers in Italy, radio and cinema advertisements, so-called “dynamic” advertising on buses, a toll-free number for people and HCPs, and a plethora of educational posters and leaflets displayed inside GP and hospital waiting rooms.

In summary, Dr Sessa concluded that Italy is fully engaged in the fight against AMR and is committed to reduce antibiotic consumption to avoid overuse.